Guild Policy

Faded Dreams Guild Policy

I. Guild Overview

Guild Outline and History

Nature and Purpose: Faded Dreams is a serious progression based raiding guild which was founded in February 2005, and which emphasizes fun, with a focus on PVE raiding. Loot distribution is done in a fair and equitable manner with the goal of increasing our PVE success. We are a mature 18+ guild, and therefore will not entertain applications from any person under the age of 18.

Talent specializations and gear choice should reflect a commitment to maximizing PVE raiding efficiency. For example, if you app as a healer, you will play as a healer and your specs should reflect a commitment to maximizing your healing potential. Your professions should also reflect this commitment to maximizing your dps or healing output. Don't come to the raid pvp specced or dps specced in those cases, and if you cannot abide by the required spec, then you should ask for social status. DPS apps/raiders are free to spec in whatever dps spec suits their playstyle, with the caveat that you must be able to meet the expectations Council has for each particular class. Further, depending on encounters etc, all members may be required to spec in particular ways, and should you be unwilling to comply with these expectations, you will also be given social status.

Real Life Balance: WoW is a game, it's not a substitute for real life. Anyone who plays this game more than 25-30 hours a week likely is neglecting their real life in some fashion. While we're not going to tell you how to live your life, we are looking for raiding members with stable real lives who can commit to being a part of our team for the long term. Players who play 24-7 generally burn out and quit after a couple months of that. With that in mind, since we do not raid daily, nor for 8 hours at a time, all raiders are expected to focus their full attention to the raid during all scheduled raids. Frequent afks, inattention during raids, lack of preparation etc will cause a raider to lose their status etc. While we do not run raids as a military exercise, please keep in mind that there are 24 other people that came to accomplish certain things, ie kill bosses, get loot, and have fun, and they will be unable to do so unless everyone is fully focused on the task at hand.

Guild Forums

All members are expected to monitor and participate on the guild forums on a daily basis. If you are the type of player who is going to join the guild and never once read your private class forums or look at the healer forums or check out optimal gear/talent specs then leave the guild immediately, we don't need you.

Thread tags are the categories used on this forum. Your rank on the board affects which tags you can see, and which ones you can post to.

When you create a thread, you set a primary thread tag. This controls who has permission to see the post. The optional secondary thread tag will cause the thread to show up in other categories, but only if that person is allowed to see the thread based on the primary tag.

General Public, News: Anyone who visits the board can read this post. Retired members and above can post.

All Members: Formerly called 'Guild Only,' any members in good standing, including those who have retired and/or otherwise no longer play with Faded Dreams, can read and post here. This is the default tag and is generally good for social chatting.

Applications: Social members and above can read and post.

Strategies: Applicants and above can read and post.

Raiders: Also applicants and above; this is for discussion not related to strategies.

Off-Topic: Retired members and above; anything unrelated to the game is best placed here.

Humor, Professions, UI, PvP, NSFW: Retired members and above; the thread tag is fairly descriptive of what they're good for.

Website: Retired and above; If you have any concerns about the site, including something broken, tag it with this so an admin will notice it.

To sum it up: General Public and News are visible by anyone, including people who are not members of Faded Dreams. Posting to any tag, however, requires at least Retired Member status.

If your rank is incorrect and prevents you from posting, you can request that the officers change it. In the upper left corner, click on the word 'wrong' to request a review.

While we shouldn't need to say it, don't share your board account. Many people who no longer raid with us left in good standing and still socialize here. Some have abused their privileges and their access has been revoked. Anyone who provides their login to someone else to help circumvent a ban will immediately lose their posting and reading privileges and may be removed from the guild. If you would like clarification on this point, talk to an officer.

II.Guild Status

Guild Leader

Ag is Faded Dreams' current guild leader. All guild affairs are handled by the Guild Council. Final decisions over virtually all aspects of the guild are decided by the council. Current council members are Ag, Theundeadone, and Shipoopi

Sr. Raider

Unless on Council, the specific raid leaders, ie the tank leader, raid heal leader and dps leaders. Sr. Raiders have access to a special forum to discuss ongoing guild issues, and for their particular class, serve as a liaison between Council and the rest of the guild as it relates to recruitment needs for their class, talent specifications, or fulfill a specific need or assignment for basic guild function.


Raiders are the general raiding members of the guild. A raider is a full guild member and subject to the benefits and duties that entails. At this time, there is no limit as to the number of alts allowed in the guild.


Applicants are new guild members hoping to reach raider status. While applicants and raiders share the same priority for raid invites, all raiders have priority over applicants when it comes to loot distribution.


Socials are members that are in the guild purely for social reasons. Unlike other guilds we allow our raiders who no longer have the desire to raid to become a social member and stay here for purely social purposes. Sometimes friends of full members are allowed in the guild for social purposes, however the full members who are friends with that social are entirely responsible for that person. Socials are still bound by the conduct rules outlined below and particularly annoying socials will be removed from the guild without a second thought. In addition, socials that portray a pattern of behavior that is not supported by Faded Dreams will be removed from the guild.

III. Loot Rules

Loot Distribution

Loot is very simple. Council has the final say as to how all loot will be distributed. Council has discretion to award any loot to any person. Certain items, such as all trinkets, legendary etc. are always subject to loot council distribution. For all other items, as an aid to Council the following standards are applied:

1) Raiders have priority on loot over applicants

2) Priority is determined by DKP and attendance. Raiders who have a better than 90% attendance record over the last 60 days may be granted priority over a person with higher dkp yet lower attendance, but that determination rests solely within the Council's discretion. The rationale for this is to promote attendance and gear those people who are raiding nightly so as to maximize the raid's performance.

The breakdown of our DKP (EP/GP) and how it is used to purchase gear by our raiders is explained in detail in a different thread.

3) Your required to get Loot master and epgp add-ons from curse website. If you don't have these add-ons you won't get loot.

As in any healthy guild we have more raiders than available raiding slots, so expect to sit on occasion. However, even though you may not be in the instance you can still earn DKP. As long as your main is at the zone or relatively close so you can zone in on a moment's notice and you stay in Mumble and/or stay in communication with the raid leader/council you are still eligible for receiving the same DKP that you would have earned if you were in the instance. However, YOU MUST BE READY TO RAID. If you are called upon to join the raid and are unable to do so without an adequate explanation you will be removed from the wait list and will earn no DKP for the night. We do not want people to leech DKP while doing real life stuff. We understand that you may not be able to raid on a given raid night, but by the same token don't expect to get free DKP.

Any questions regarding DKP should be addressed to Council.

IV. Guild Rules

Common Conduct Rules

1. All guild members are expected to follow the World of Warcraft Code of Conduct and Terms of Service. Faded Dreams does not tolerate hacking or anything of that sort in any way, shape or form. If your account gets banned for hacking and you disappear you will be removed from the guild.

2. Gold purchasing is a grey area and one with a lot of controversy. Currently we take no stance on it.

3. Vulgarity is allowed in both guild chat and raid chat but please do not go overboard.

4. Because a minority of guild members (past and present) are unable to discuss either religion or politics in a mature fashion, both topics are banned from guild chat as well as the forums.

5. Posting news on the front page and posting raids on the calendar by any member is allowed but abuse will not be tolerated.

6. GCG or Gambling Mods are not allowed in raid or during raid times. Failure to follow this will result in removal from raid and/or guild.

Harassment and Drama Queens

Guild members are expected to not harass fellow players in any way. Competitive contesting of spawns is not harassment and is fully endorsed.

Drama queens are people that nobody wants to deal with. Most of the people in this guild are past that high school drama phase and do not want to deal with it any longer. Consistent annoyances by the same person over time will lead to consequences and possibly removal from the guild.

PvP Rules

Basically we don't care what you do in PvP, although obviously exploits are lame.

V. Raid Rules

AFKs and Terribles

If you tend to go AFK constantly or cannot follow simple directions, you are wasting our time. We do not need to carry you through our raids when we can recruit someone to replace you.

Raid Schedule

Our raid times are based in the CST timezone (central time). Our current raiding schedule is as follows:

Monday: 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Tuesday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Wednesday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Thursday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm

This schedule is subject to change in order to fit the guild's progression needs.

Early start of the raids will be posted in the GMotD as well as the raid calendar. Late finishing raids will be determined as needed and will be based on the raid consensus. All raiders and applicants must also post on the raid calendar whether they will be able to attend that week's raids. This is mandatory.

Off day raids are possible but notice will be provided in advance.

Raid Duration and Breaks

Raids will generally last the full duration, however council may cancel raids early or inform the group to take a short break depending on the circumstances.

Raid Leader

The council collectively lead the raids. Council may select a specific person to be the most vocal in the raid, typically a tank. While their directions must be followed, discussion as to strategies, etc are always welcome. Further, no guild member may have another on ignore, as the same seriously impedes the raid as a whole. Such actions will cause you to be removed from the raid and possibly the guild.


As outlined above, if you are a chronic AFKer for pretty much any reason (i.e. not a reliable player) you will not be part of our raids. If you must go AFK announce it to the raid via in game chat or make sure someone hears it on Mumble. If it will be a long AFK log out of the game and do not log back in without asking over Mumble if it is okay to do so.


We will quite often substitute various players on various encounters. Do not argue with these substitutions.


If an emergency comes up during a raid and you have time to let us know and log out then do so. If not we will understand. Do not abuse this. If you are lying to us then you will be removed from the guild.


Mistakes happen in raids. Chronic mistakes become stupidity and just make you look like a horrible player. Stupidity should not happen. Doing stupid stuff is a very quick way to get yourself kicked from the guild.

Mumble and Raid Chat

During the course of a raid night there will be times when we are encountering a boss or when we are clearing trash/running back after a wipe. It is expected that during a boss fight Mumble is kept relatively clear so as to allow fluid communications between raid members. When we are not doing something that requires communication (i.e. trash, running back after a wipe) it is permissible to have conversations but please do not abuse this. If something regarding a raid boss or certain fight mechanic has to be said during this time then it is expected that everyone shut up and listen. If necessary players will be globally muted in order to enforce this.


You are expected to have a working microphone so you can converse over Mumble if necessary. One guild member may not have another on ignore, as the same seriously impedes the raid as a whole. Such actions will cause you to be removed from the raid and possibly the guild.

Raid Addons

Some kind of threat meter (Omen, sThreatMeter2, MyThreat, etc.), some sort of boss mod (Deus Vox Encounters, Deadly Boss Mods, BigWigs, etc.) and some sort of raid frames (Grid, Pitbull, oUF, etc.) are required for all members of the raid.

VI. Guild Resources

Guild Bank

The guild bank holds all funds and items dropped by mobs. Items can and will be dispensed at council discretion, but the items are to be used for PvE purposes. Use of items for non-PvE purposes or deceiving the leadership on the item use will result in a removal from the guild.

Guild Crafters

Guild crafters are expected to provide their services to other guild members free of charge if the guild member provides all of the materials.

VII. Membership Commitment

Raid Attendance

As a raiding member you are committing to attending 90% of all raid days. Failure to maintain the above percentages without the permission of Council will cause the loss of your raider status. Attendance is maintained on the guild website so if you are short on the above goals, everyone will know it.

Applicants are required to maintain an 85% raid attendance for the four weeks of trial.

Gear Philosophy

In FD all gear is distributed in a manner that maximizes gear effectiveness for each class. You are expected to know your class and how to gem/enchant your gear. If we find that you are doing something that is not optimal for your gear/spec we will confront you about it.


For 25 man raiding we are hoping to have approximately a 35 man roster. Ideally we want 3-4 tanks, 8-10 healers and 15-20 DPS. Some of the DPS spots will ideally be filled with hybrids (i.e. people willing to respec depending on the guild need for a particular encounter). The depth of our roster is important to our survival. Yes this means you will sometimes have to sit out on raids but which would you rather have?

1) A healthy guild who can field a 25 man raid nightly and sometimes have people sit out

2) A guild who regularly cancels raids due to low turnout/improper class turnout.

Once more, DEPTH of our roster will ensure our survival.


All raiding members are expected to have full consumables at all times. This is a significant gold cost and you are expected to bear it. If you do not bring consumables, including food buffs, you will not raid.

If you do not have Flasks/Food/Potions you will not earn DKP for rest of the night. If this is a repeatable offense you will be replaced on our raiding roster.

Player Skill

All raiding members are expected to have a high amount of skill. If you are totally incompetent you will be removed from the guild.

Internet Connectivity

Player's computer and internet connection must be able to handle a 25 man environment. If you consistently disconnect or are unable to properly raid due to excessive lag Council will ask you to sit. If the issue cannot be resolved within a timely manner, Council may demote you to social until a time that you may reapply to gain raider status.

Raiding Philosophy

Our raiding philosophy is to get bosses dead, PERIOD. While we intend to have fun while doing it, a raid is not the proper time to be a goofball or do stupid stuff.

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